My name is Serena, I’m a creator, a lover, and a visionary. I have now been a stylist for two years and I am grateful to be working at Niki Moon. I am very excited to continue to show my passion and enthusiasm with all my clients. I love to make people feel and look beautiful. I truly feel fulfilled knowing my clients are happy after leaving my chair! There’s both the love to bring out your natural beauty through a subtle style or give you a completely new look to compliment your bold personality! I want you to see the same beauty that I see in you.

My career in cosmetology started at a young age thanks to my sister and her habit of braiding hair. Soon, I fell in love with every aspect of it and moved to Bloomington-Normal, IL, to start my schooling. Within ten months I had graduated (07/2014) and immediately started afterward at Niki Moon Salon. My initial time at the salon was spent training as an assistant and receptionist, quickly working up the ranks to be accepted into the advanced training program. I spent two years training with our master stylist, learning advanced techniques in hair artistry including, precision haircutting, texture services, and high level color formulations, as well as placement techniques. During this time my natural ability was complimented with an extensive knowledge base and I continued to excel in each area of study. As my time in training began to come to an end I could see a wonderful stylist in myself by the beauty I created around me. I look forward to each day at Niki Moon Salon and I know you will too!