I, like most hairstylists, chose the profession because I love the artistry of hairdressing. It is so rewarding to use my skills to cut, shape, and color your hair, and to turn to the artistic principles of balance, proportion, and harmony to help you look your beautiful best.


Without a doubt, though, I chose this profession because I love making people happy. In this business that is something I get to do every single day. There is nothing like handing a client a mirror after a salon service and watching her eyes light up as she studies her swingy, shiny new style or her rich, vibrant new hair color.

Even more special is how frequently a client will come into the salon looking weary, and leave with a spring in her step and a noticeable new confidence in her posture. She’s smiling, she’s standing taller, and she’s radiating energy. Often I get calls from my clients the day after an appointment, thanking me for making them feel so special. They tell me their new style actually helped change their view of themselves!

I understand nothing makes you feel better than having beautiful hair. It’s a mood elevator and an assurance booster. The fact is you can probably do just fine postponing the purchase of a new pair of shoes or plans to remodel the kitchen, but your appearance reflects what’s inside of you out to the world each day. Having great hair improves everything in your life – personally and professionally- when the image you’re projecting is shiny, bright and optimistic.

So no matter what else is going on in your life, let me make your hair beautiful and your spirit soar. Transforming your hair is my profession and my pleasure because your life transformation is truly my passion!