I am a senior stylist at Niki Moon salon. I have been a stylist there for four and a half years. I am very thankful and blessed to be a part of such a great team! It is such a blessing when you can wake up knowing your job is something you love to do!

I am Truly thankful for Niki Moon, and her vision to strive and her ability to seek greatness and beauty; and for the salon working together as a family!

I have been a hairstylist for about 12 years.  I attended Capri beauty college in Oak forest, IL.

I was an intern and  a stylist at a previous employer, Zazu for almost 6 years.

Prior to that I did some travel hair and makeup for weddings.

I truly have a heart and passion for beauty, in all shapes and sizes. Whether it be in formation through color or haircuts, a style or an updo occasion. Even in other avenues of life, beauty in the verses of a song, an embraced hug, or a sunny blue sky day; but most of all I truly hope I can help bring out the beauty of my client that’s already within them. All I can do is hope to ignite a little spark to them, to brighten  their light of beauty within them even more.

Each person, male or female is beautiful in their own unique way, and one of my goals is to help them see it! In this sometimes crazy world, I hope to bring  a sprinkle of beauty  that makes one smile beyond all the chaos.

I love the industry of art! Expressing hopes and dreams through art of beauty.

I am truly thankful God gave me this talent and gift to use to help someone else feel good; and that he gave me  the hands to do it, the eyes to see them, the ears to hear them, and a heart of passion for it!

I will try my best every morning when I wake up, to do my best as a stylist, to do my best as a friend who will listen , and to do my best to help you see the beauty from your eyes. 🙂