Hello there! 🙂 My name is Brynn, I am a senior stylist here at Niki Moon Salon. I have been a part of this amazing team for a little over 8 years now. I am very thankful and blessed to be a part of it! It is a great joy to be able to wake up and have a profession in which I love! 
I am very thankful for Niki Moon, and her vision to strive and her ability to seek beauty and greatness in this industry! I am thankful for all of us here working together as a team and loving one another as family! 
I have been a hairstylist for almost 15 years. I attended Capri Beauty College in Oak Forest, IL. I was an intern and stylist at a previous employer, Zazu for 6 years. 
A few reasons that I’d like to share with you on why I became a hairstylist… I truly have a heart and passion for beauty, that comes in all shapes and sizes, whether in a form that’s through haircuts, color, a style or an updo occasion. I absolutely love helping someone feel good about themselves! Each person, male or female is beautiful in their own unique way, and one of my goals as a stylist is to help you see that! 🙂 ..In this sometimes crazy world, I hope to bring a sprinkle of beauty that makes one smile beyond all the chaos! :). Another reason why I chose being a hairstylist, I love the art of it!! expressing one’s self through art is  amazing!
There is such beauty all around us, every day .. if we search for it! Perhaps a beautiful verse in your favorite song, an embracing hug with a loved one, a sunny blue sky day with birds chirping away, sitting cozy with some hot cocoa by a crackling fireplace, whatever it may be that your eyes see, there’s beauty there, but most of all the best kind of beauty comes from within! 😉 
I also love as a hairstylist being able to create friendships! Not only am I doing your hair and helping you feel nice and fresh, 🙂 but I like to take our time together as it would be if we were catching up, chatting while sipping on some coffee or tea! Being there for my client is very important to me!!
Though I absolutely truly love to do all types of hair services in the beauty industry, two things that I feel are unique about myself as a stylist are:  *I am specialized in Men’s cuts, and also *I really enjoy to work with women’s  pixie style cuts! 
A few things about myself other than being a hairstylist, hmmm ;)…. 
* I have an amazing, supportive and loving family!! I thank God so much for blessing me with them!
* I love to write, whether it be poems or lyrics. Expressing myself through writing is therapeutic for me! With that I enjoy to sing, and I have been practicing my guitar, but have a ways to go with that one! 😉 
* I love sports, especially football and baseball! Though I can totally be that crazy silly person sometimes that yells at the tv during a hyped up play or a bad call! Eeee!!;)
* I have a passion for fitness and working out!! I have always been pretty active my entire life, but these last couple years have opened my eyes in a way that I’ve never seen through before!
Almost 2 years ago I became very close to becoming permanently paralyzed, and I truly can not express how grateful I am to be able to move!!…Use  my limbs , walk,run,  lift my arms to do hair in which I love!.
That part of my journey has truly changed me forever, And I don’t take it lightly, so being able to do things like workout, run, move, is so very important to me!! I want to be the best version of myself that God has made me to be, inside and out.
Thank you for taking some time to read a little bit about myself!
Call or email to book an appointment with me soon!  I can’t wait to see you! 🙂 

PRICING (Level 6)

  • Haircut
  • Starting at $80
  • Long Haircut
  • Starting at $90
  • Clipper Cut (Men)
  • Starting at $50
  • Blow Dry No Iron
  • Starting at $50
  • Curling/Flat Iron
  • Starting at $80
  • Updo
  • Starting at $115
  • Bridal Style
  • Starting at $130
  • Retouch Color
  • Starting at $75
  • All Over Color
  • Starting at $95
  • Partial Highlight (Gloss and Blowdry Included)
  • Starting at $150
  • Full Highlight (Gloss and Blowdry Included)
  • Starting at $170
  • Balayage (Gloss and Blowdry Included)
  • Starting at $180
  • Foiliyage (Gloss, Rootshadow, & Blowdry Included)
  • Starting at $265