I took an interest in being a hair stylist at a very young age. As I was growing up, I had the privilege of watching my two aunts do what they loved most: being beauticians.

As I entered high school, I learned about a program they offered to juniors and seniors. This program allowed me to work for my cosmetology license while I also worked for my high school diploma. I would go to high school for half of the day and then the other half of my day consisted of going to school to get my cosmetology license. It was overwhelming at times, and very demanding, but knew I wanted to achieve this great accomplishment of having my license right after high school. After I graduated high-school, I then proceeded to go to college to get my bachelor’s degree in communications at the University of Illinois. While in college I still practiced hair on family and friends, but I mainly focused on my studies.

After graduating college, I was still very passionate about doing hair and I wanted to be the best at what I loved doing. I searched for a salon with a great training program. I then worked at that salon for two years, went through their intensive training program, and learned from some great hair stylists in the industry. In addition, I also took it upon myself to find classes that I knew would benefit furthering my education. I went to California twice to learn from some of the best professionals in the industry that specialize both in color and cutting.

I have now been a stylist for five years and I am grateful to be working at Niki Moon. I am very excited to continue to show my passion and enthusiasm with all my clients. I love to make people feel and look beautiful. I truly feel fulfilled knowing my clients are happy after leaving my chair!