Hello, my name is Maritza and I have been a hairstylist at Niki Moon salon for six years.
I became interested in hair at a young age by observing two of my aunts live out their passions in cosmetology. When I studied cosmetology I was quick to realize why I loved the industry, I learned I could be creative in the work I do on each and every client that sits in my chair as well as make clients feel better than when they came in. I love making my clients feel Beautiful! I really enjoy the interaction and friendships that are built while doing what I love. 
I am always excited to learn the latest trends and new techniques in the industry.  I’m grateful that Niki provides us only the best continuing education classes. We recently were able to spend a whole weekend with Joseph DiMaggio who is well known as a high end fashion hairstylist in New York. The biggest take away I took from his class is that everything we do with hair should be done with  intention and reason. 
Right now I am very passionate about one of the biggest trends which is balayage. I feel like there are many different ways you can take the trend such as being very subtle or bold. I also enjoy that there are different ways to create the balayage look with different techniques. 
In my free time I really enjoy spending time with family and friends. I also like to spend some of my free time feeding my addiction to reality tv or Netflix! 🙂 I am very passionate about my health so I am always looking for new healthy recipes to cook or on the hunt for new supplements I can take! To keep active I really enjoy hot yoga or taking my dog Bentley on long walks. 
I hope to see you in my chair soon to discuss your hair goals! Call or  email the salon to make your appointment!