We offer a wide variety of skin care services, a large selections of facials that can be customized to you specific skin care needs, microdermabrasion, red light therapy, custom peels, oxygen masks, 24 karat gold masks, eye and lip treatments and so much more. Call to schedule your completely customizable service today!


60 MIN


The New Moon is a time for renewal. This facial is the ultimate skin pick-me-up. Refreshing and cooling botanicals and humectants will wake up and stimulate the skin’s tissue, providing potent antioxidant support all while toning and increasing hydration levels. Replenishes and revitalizes skin depleted of moisture and vitality.

60 MIN


The Blue Moon is a time to refocus your energy and nourish yourself. This facial nurtures, treats, and calms through an herbal blended mask that saturates the skin with hydrating ingredients, immediately providing moisture and nourishment.

60 MIN


The Waning Moon is the perfect time to wash away impurities and start anew. This treatment detoxifies, purifies, and regulates oil production. We use a non-drying clay mask with charcoal, which has strong absorbing properties that detoxify and balance oily, blemish-prone skin without disrupting the skin’s barrier. Texture is refined and smoothed and pores are minimized.

60 MIN


The Illuminated Moon is a time to realize your full potential and live life to the fullest. This luxurious spa treatment utilizes a revolutionary oxygen technology to improve circulation, speed healing, and eliminate toxins. A cooling antioxidant herb-blend of green tea and witch hazel will fight free radical damage while instantly nourishing, brightening, and calming the skin.

30 MIN


The Crescent Moon is a customized and invigorating facial for those who are short on time, but need a little pick-me-up. An infusion of innovative ingredients will create a healthy glow while addressing any troubled areas. This traditional facial cleanses, preps the skin for treatment, and invigorates the skin and senses with the use of nourishing and healing masks.

30 MIN


The Young Moon facial was designed specifically with our teen guests in mind! This gentle but effective treatment for young skin includes extractions, a skin-care consultation, and a skin-specific cleanse and mask.