Niki moon

I have always had a passion for hair and making people feel better about themselves. It has been a long standing belief of mine that every person is beautiful, and I feel it’s my job to enhance it. I have wanted to do hair ever since I can remember. When I was eight I recall getting in trouble for cutting my doll’s hair!

I have been active in the salon industry for over 19 years. I immediately developed a hunger for learning, quickly moving up in the industry, I graduated number one in my cosmetology class at Pivot Point in Bloomingdale, IL.

While attending school I managed a new up-and-coming salon in the heart of Downtown Naperville. While there I participated in cosmetology competitions, fashion shows, and photo shoots. I eventually outgrew that salon and joined Zazu Salon and Day Spa in 2005. While working for Zazu I participated in advanced classes that expanded my knowledge and I gained wonderful clientele/friends.

After being a stylist at Zazu for 5 years, I moved on to becoming an independent stylist. I worked for myself for the first time and grew my clientele and business even more. It was an amazingly rewarding experience. After working for myself for 3.5 years I was so busy I could no longer handle all of the clients calling to schedule with me and decided to open my first Niki Moon Salon location which was a small 6 chair hair salon. We were doing so well and grew extremely fast, which then led me to expanding into our current location which is 4 times the size of our former location.

Not only am I a stylist day to day I also train all of our new talent. Every new stylist that comes to Niki Moon Salon must go through our advanced training program before they are able to take clients. The training program is typically a year and a half long and we go through every aspect of hair their is to know about.

I also arrange for classes from amazing master stylists, platform artist and innovative product lines to come to the salon at least once a month so the entire staff can stay updated on the latest trends and techniques in the hair industry. This industry is constantly changing and it is our job to stay updated. The salon as a whole has taken classes, learned and trained from some of the best stylists and colorists in the industry such as Guy Tang who is a balayage King, John Simpson a Goldwell color expert, Chris McMillan who is Jennifer Aniston’s stylist, Mark Bustos and Matty Conrad men’s cutting specialist, Sarah Potempo a Victoria’s Secret stylist, Stephanie Brinkerhoff an updo guru along with many, many more.

My journey in this industry has been one of the greatest joys of my life and I’m extremely passionate about sharing everything I have learned with my team at Niki Moon Salon. I look forward to sharing all of my knowledge I have gained over the years with you!