Niki moon

Hi! I’m Niki, Salon Owner and stylist! I have been a stylist for 17 years and a salon owner for 12 and have loved every minute of it! I started in this industry because I truly feel that there is beauty in every single person and I love making people feel like the best version of themselves. What we do as stylists essentially has little to do with how we make people look but EVERYTHING to do with how we make people feel.
I opened a salon because I truly believe my calling in life is to help nurture women to meet their full potential in self love as well as self respect. To help them find their power and to nurture beauty in others, not just physical beauty but true beauty, doing so brings me the greatest joy and I’m honored I get to do this “job” everyday.
When it comes to hair I love blondes, I love bobs or lobs and I love extensions! Nothing excites me more that helping my clients achieve their perfect style. Whether that is a beautiful buttery blonde, a killer blunt bob or using extensions to help my guests with thinner hair finally achieving the hair of their dreams!
Not only am I a stylist day to day I also train all of our new talent. Every new stylist that comes to Niki Moon Salon goes through our advanced training program before they are able to take clients. The training program is typically a year and a half long and we go through every aspect of hair there is to know about.
I also arrange for classes from amazing master stylists, platform artist and innovative product lines to come to the salon at least once a quarter so the entire staff can stay updated on the latest trends and techniques in the hair industry. This industry is constantly changing and it is our job to stay updated. The salon as a whole has taken classes, learned and trained from some of the best stylists and colorists in the industry such as Guy Tang who is a balayage King, John Simpson a Goldwell color expert, Chris McMillan who is Jennifer Aniston’s stylist, Mark Bustos and Matty Conrad men’s cutting specialist, Stephanie Brinkerhoff an updo guru along with many, many more. Myself and several other stylists on our team have had the opportunity to train under Joseph DiMaggio and lend our expertise at Fashion Week in New York as well!
When I’m not doing hair or in the salon I’m a wifey as well as a mom to my son Jax, the sweetest little boy you have ever met! We have 3, (yes you read that right) 3 crazy bulldogs. I absolutely love all aspects of interior design and decorating. If I wasn’t a salon owner I would be an interior designer for sure! I love travel and have recently discovered a new appreciation for the mountains and the great out doors so I’m most likely planning my next adventure!
My journey in this industry has been one of the greatest joys of my life and I’m extremely passionate about sharing everything I have learned with my team at Niki Moon Salon and Spa. I look forward to sharing all of my knowledge I have gained over the years with you!