I’ve been doing hair for quite sometime growing up but never was actually committed until I was inspired by a close friend of mine, turned a tragic hairstyle into a beautiful creation. Once I graduated high school I started beauty school right after. This industry comes with constant change and inspiration, you never really know what the next “in trend” will be and that’s the most exciting part about it. The biggest thing that always keeps me going is the way you can make someone feel good about their self whether it’s for a minute, a day, or even a month! Knowing you can make a little change in the way someone feel, is honestly one of the best feelings!
From the start I’ve always had a huge love for color, specifically highlighting. Placements and different techniques, make it a very interesting process! I try to set out to make the expectations 100% and to satisfy every client!

When I’m out of the salon I spend all of my time with my beautiful daughter! When we are able to have the time, we love to take little adventures around town whether if it’s taking mini hikes, or just trying different foods anywhere we travel to, or just making new memories every step of the way! I’ve become more in tune with cooking, so any chance I can get I’m always making new things in the kitchen!

PRICING (Level 5)

  • Haircut
  • Starting at $70
  • Long Haircut
  • Starting at $80
  • Clipper Cut (Men)
  • Starting at $45
  • Blow Dry No Iron
  • Starting at $45
  • Curling/Flat Iron
  • Starting at $70
  • Updo
  • Starting at $105
  • Bridal Style
  • Starting at $120
  • Retouch Color
  • Starting at $70
  • All Over Color
  • Starting at $90
  • Partial Highlight (Gloss and Blowdry Included)
  • Starting at $140
  • Full Highlight (Gloss and Blowdry Included)
  • Starting at $160
  • Balayage (Gloss and Blowdry Included)
  • Starting at $170
  • Foiliyage (Gloss, Rootshadow, & Blowdry Included)
  • Starting at $245
  • Keratin Treatment
  • Starting at $300