From a young age, my aunt has always done my hair. She would constantly be over doing the whole family’s hair. I was always intrigued by the outcome of my hair and was interested in learning how it could be the color or style she had done. Once I started watching her more and more I couldn’t stay away. I would sometimes go to appointments with her and help her when needed. From then on, I always loved styling or doing different things on my friend’s hair! Especially my mom, she would be my guinea pig for pretty much everything. As the years went on, my brother’s girlfriend was a hairstylist also, and being around her and seeing all the different creative things she would do to myself and her clients inspired me to finally make the decision that cosmetology was the choice for me!

Once I graduated high school in 2011, I immediately enrolled in beauty school. It took me a little over 2 years to finish and once I graduated I started to search around for salons right away. I came across Niki Moon Salon and was instantly drawn to the description of the website. I called right away to see if they are hiring, sent in my resume and got a call for an interview. As soon as Niki called me and told me I was hired, I was ECSTATIC!!!! I started August of 2013 and from there I watched carefully and learned from each stylist individually! Especially Niki, if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am now. I went into the training program that Niki offers and through the struggles and great outcomes, I’ve learned more from the program than I did through school! It has made me a more confident person and stylist, also knowing you have changed a persons perspective on how they look and feel about themselves! Each one of the stylist’s that work here has taught me something different and I’m forever grateful for that. It has only made my love for hair grow more day by day!