From the moment I stepped foot into a salon as a little girl, I’ve possessed those special traits of a hairdresser. Some of the many reasons I’m a hairstylist are having creative freedom. I love being able to create something beautiful everyday. I simply enjoy working with hair.
As a long time blonde, I love blonding services and helping my clients achieve their perfect blonde! It’s so fulfilling being able to make my clients feel beautiful at every appointment.
I cherish every minute I spend with my clients, I build personal relationships with each of them. Based off a clients wants and needs, I customize my work to achieve the desired color and cut. I’m a patient, empathetic, and approachable person. I love seeing the natural beauty in everyone.
When I’m not in the salon, you’ll catch me hanging out at home with my husband watching a new movie and ordering takeout! You might even catch me walking my cat. Yes. I said walking my cat lol.
Her name is Coco and she’s adorable. I’m also very active, I love going on long walks and working out at the gym. 
Call or email the salon anytime to make an appointment with me! I absolutely can’t wait to meet you!